Saturday, March 03, 2007

Against the Blog: 3-15

Yup. Reef's ex, Stray, is now a weapons dealer, and Frank meets up with her about the business thingie that was started in the last chapter but which I didn't understand because it was sort of confusing. All these odd place names! Their conversation is fairly awkward, as you might expect. Frank is sure that Reef lives yet; Stray, not so much. The meet a menacing fellow known as Hatch. He thinks he's being cheated somehow, not sure how, but anyway, that's why he's menacing. But then Ewball appears, and tensions are broken.

Stray has heard that Frank pwn3d Sloat Fresno, but that he's not that keen on going after Deuce unless he happens to randomly come upon him. He's been having recurring dreams about Webb, though.

So anyway--after the deal's done, they part. Will they meet again? They don't know. Maybe!

And that's it. Another short section.



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