Saturday, March 03, 2007

Against the Blog: 3-16

Reef, in fact, is working digging tunnels through the mountains in the Austrian Alps, along with Flaco, the explosive guy he met in New Orleans. One of the other workers is an Albanian named Ramiz. Ramiz relates an alleged custom of the region where a wronged family is allowed to take one shot at the guy who wronged them, but if he survives the day, they can't do any more as long as the family remains on their property. So Ramiz's family is thus stranded. But he escaped. What does this say about the Traverse family's quest for revenge? Not sure.

There be tatzelwurms in these mountains! Arr! Reef doesn't believe it at first, until he saves Ramiz by driving one off with a jackhammer. So the point is, they DO exist!

Ruperta. The indolent Englishwoman who was Reef's fuckbuddy for a while back in the states. Why is she here? DON'T ASK SO MANY QUESTIONS. They rekindle things for the time being, 'cause why not?

These tunnels are haunted, and a spirit berates Reef for wasting his time here when he should be looking after Stray and Jesse (his son), and avenging Webb. Who? It is a mystery blarg!



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