Saturday, June 30, 2007

The most offensive commercial in the world... this one. Well, perhaps I shouldn't speak in absolutes, but this is PRETTY WELL UP THERE. I don't notice these things all the time; unlike some people, I don't notice misogyny absolutely fucking *everywhere*, but this ad really does take the cake. You don't exactly have to be ultra-sensitive to subtext to get it: man makes a dumb mistake; woman emasculates him by pointing it out; he responds by bashing her in the face. Funny shit.

The other Keystone Light ad I have witnessed--which does not appear to be on youtube--is the gay panic one where a guy starts to put the moves on a woman trying to pick up a case of beer only OH NOES! IZ DOOD! Man, even by beer conglomerate standards, Keystone is one seriously, seriously classy company.


Anonymous Anonymous pontificated to the effect that...

Is the message that she had it coming because she looked seductive yet strong and knew how to open the cooler when he didn't?
the bitch

12:02 AM  

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