Monday, October 01, 2007

Sandra Day O'Connor=teh suxxor

I was listening to Fresh Air earlier today, and the interview was with Jeffrey Toobin about his new book on the Supreme Court. As you can imagine, it was not a particularly cheering interview--although Toobin did relate a story in which Scalia--fuckin' Scalia!--referred to Thomas as a "nut." And if Scalia thinks you're too far to the times. Or not.

But anyway, so O'Connor: she voted the wrong way in Bush v Gore because she's a Republican and--per Toobin--she was very open about wanting our current President, inasmuch as his paw had been "her kind" of Republican. She quickly experienced buyer's remorse, but TOO FUCKING LATE. Apparently, juntas are perfectly fine and constitutional--as long as it's by the right people. Guess how much sympathy I'm feeling for her? And then, ha ha, she resigns to take care of her Alzheimer's afflicted husband. I'm sorry about his plight, but seriously? Fuck. You. Bitch. You foisted this Republic-destroying mess on us. I don't CARE about your personal life; the only way you could have even begun to make up for what you did would have been by staying on the Court and helping to staunch the flow of blood as much as possible. Husband in dire straits? Tough shit. That's just the price you PAY for your monumental failure of judgment.

Here's the best part: early in her SCOTUS career, one of O'Connor's defining moments was when she tore apart a paternalistic anti-abortion decision written by one Samuel Alito. Then, almost immediately after her resignation, her husband's condition deteriorated rapidly to the point at which he was beyond any help she could offer. So she resigned for no good reason and was replaced by the guy who so offended her back in the day. I almost feel like the irony gods are piling it on a little too thick, but really, it's fair punishment for her. It's just a shame the rest of us have to suffer with her.

Lately I'm thinking that the Supreme Court is the only really compelling reason to vote for whichever of these clowns wins the Democratic primary. I'm not saying it'll save the Republic, but it might at least slow the collapse a little. Whether you think that's something we deserve is another question.


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