Thursday, November 29, 2007

Student Wisdom

"I think it is completely wrong to judge people based on their color, race, views, or name. It is similar to looking at a book cover. The cover of a book may just have a bunch of lines on it, but on the inside of the book it is full with facts about how lines are formed or what creates a line. People never know what is inside some ones sole or heart just by looking at the person himself or herself. They should get to know a little about them, even if they hate them and would not want even hear their name. It's like the story of when a father who had a boy died, but before he died, the boy drew a picture. The father decided that he would put the picture for sale at an auction. The picture went for one dollar and old lady bought the picture just for the kindness of her hear and when she received the picture, on the back of it, there was a letter saying that if you were kind enough to take the time to learn about my son, they I should give my house to you. The old lady was now the owner of a multi million dollar home because she took the time and wanted to know about the father's son. Learning about other's can and will come in a reward."

(possibly channeling David Brent?)


Blogger :-| pontificated to the effect that...

...hapless freshmen, hapless freshmen... I must continue reminding myself these are our future truck drivers and produce managers.
I don't watch "The Office" for a good reason and if they want to know what's inside my heart of sole, they're gonna have to steal my fish.

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