Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cassius Castrato, the She-Male of the Men's Prison

Boys, I've shaven my knuckled head,
For to cushion my pillow case.

Boys, I've traded the laces of my boots,
And for 'em I got an ol' spoon.

Now to get some food.

Boys, I have sold off my last buttons of brass,
They got me a loaf of bread.

Now to make it last.

Every night I sing all the boys to sleep,
In the night's dark war.

Hard boys, join me...weep.

Boys, I've got none of nothin' left to trade.
So I cut off my ear and went to the gate.
The unsmiling guards in their buffalo voices said,
"We need more."
I severed my left hand.
I pulled all my teeth.
I left on my right hand to wield my piece.

I disconnected my testicles,
Gave 'em to the prison guards,
But the guards said,
"We need more."

Hang all my belongings on a one-inch nail.



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