Saturday, May 17, 2008

Random Thought

Fuck Us on the Family and similar groups are super hardcore against abortion, but they're also super hardcore against the kind of sex education that would reduce the number of abortions.

They're against divorce, but they're also against pre-martial sex, meaning that sexually incompatible people will get married and then either be miserable or get divorced.

They're against teh dreaded Homosexual Lifestyle, but they also oppose gay marriage, which would curtail the elements of said 'lifestyle' that irk them so.

Does this mean they're not that bright, or does it just mean they've cynically figured out how to extend their pet causes endlessly by battling against the 'problem' and the solution at the same time? Discuss.


Anonymous Anonymous pontificated to the effect that...

Yes & Yes

see short answer above. observe garden variety armed Fundamentals on the lawn.

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Such folks are intensely tribal, which would suggest that they tend to objectify everyone outside the tribe--form I/it relationships with the larger world. And we don't tend to pay close attention to "its" except in developing tactics to deal with them: exterminator to cockroach. Hence, however intelligent in some contexts the tribalists might be, I would not expect keen, internally logical, nuanced analysis from them with reference to their most deeply-held beliefs.

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I think that, in this case, the standard asshole-liberal answer is actually pretty accurate -- basically, the real point of their ideology is that they are anti-sex, and want to punish people for wanting to enjoy it, e.g. by forcing them to stay married to incompatible people, and so forth.

- SK

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Hey, I'm pretty sure that second commenter is my father! That's a first! Hi pa!

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