Saturday, June 14, 2008

Found art in amazon reviews

Heathcliff Has Spring Fever

[One Star] Sare's Review, October 23, 2002
By A Customer
"Heathcliff has Spring Fever" was a kind of confusing book. It didn't really have a point or moral to the story. It is about a crazy orange cat named Heathcliff and a kid named Iggy. Heathcliff is always getting into to trouble and making the neighbors mad. One day he leaves the house to go cause some trouble, and the sunlight bounces off a trashcan and hits his eye. Suddenly he starts acting nice and being kind to people. His owners take him to the doctor and they tell him he has spring fever. The book really doesn't have any ending, he just ends up getting into a fight. I wouldn't really recommend this book for children because it is kind of hard to understand. They might enjoy the illustrations though.


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