Saturday, June 21, 2008

Who doesn't like internet traditions?

It has been fun and fascinating to watch this meme growing in real time at a massive rate of speed. I can't help it. I love the shit out of goofy internet memes.

One thing that has also come to my attention--not that it's a shocking revelation--is that certain liberals are out of their fucking MINDS. I read the first few comments in that thread accusing the poster of AGEISM! thinking they were jokes. Because come on, how could they NOT be? And then it slowly dawned on me that these people were DEAD SERIOUS. Yes: making jokes about how John McCain is fucking ancient are deeply offensive and inappropriate.

Even though right-wingers who accuse liberals of being overly up-tight and PC are really just mad about not being able to hate on blacks and gays as publicly as they'd like, it's things like this that give their whining a veneer of plausibility. Because the ultimate point I'm trying to make is JESUS CHRIST TALK ABOUT HUMORLESS. That is all.


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Whoa, I just read a new column by Charley Reese in which he endorsed gay marriage. Best lines: "Most people believe that homophobes are in fact latent homosexuals and what they really hate are their own secret urges. So under no circumstances should any child be driven to despair and suicide because someone disapproves of his or her sexual preference." Man, no wonder your local newspaper stopped carrying him.

- SK

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