Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sometimes it is hard to be upbeat.

I think Obama's election, barring electoral fraud on a level never before seen in this country, is more or less a fait accompli, along with substantial Democratic gains in both houses. For whatever that's worth. Which is a fuck of a lot better than the alternative. I'm not even really thinking about that much anymore. But what I find incredibly depressing is the very real possibility that, in spite of this massive repudiation of the republicans, Proposition 8 may very well be passed in California. Of course, it's deeply fucked up that this is even on the ballot. SO MANY PEOPLE working their little hearts out to make sure that gays remains second-class's enough to make one feel quite ill.

Anti-gay propositions always are fucked, of course, but mostly they're in states that don't already have gay marriage. This is a bill designed to take away existing rights. I don't get how that's even legal. Does this mean we could also have a proposition to repeal women's suffrage? What the hell, people. But the point is, the fact that this regressive bullshit could pass in an allegedly liberal place like California indicates to me that, while people have woken up just enough to realize how fucked-up the Republicans are, that sure as hell doesn't indicate a great tide of leftism washing over the nation. Obviously the Democrats don't exactly represent that tide anyway, but one likes to imagine that at least the will is there. If it's not, then why bother? We'll just keep going around in circles. I've said it before and I'll say it again: warring city-states, people. It's the only sensical future for this country.


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