Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I expound on the events of the day

Okay okay: I don't think Rick Warren is a good idea. Actually, I think it's kind of "what the fuck?" idea. Inclusion is great and everything, but you don't have to include fuckass jerkfaces.

That said, before I start wailing and moaning and rending my garments and declaring the Obama administration a dismal failure, I would like to perhaps wait and see wait and see what he actually DOES once he's in office. The Warren thing is bullshit, but in isolation, it's just meaningless symbolism. Not that symbols aren't important, but honestly: if Obama really makes a serious effort to do something about climate change (sure, it's probably already too late, but you've gotta TRY), then for all I care, he can spend his entire administration drawing insulting caricatures of me and my friends, family, and pets and post them on the White House website along with all the embarrassing stories about my childhood he can find--and I'll still vote to reelect him. I'm pragmatic like that.


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