Sunday, December 21, 2008

Newspaper headline noted without comment


Blogger Kaitlyn pontificated to the effect that...

I had to read the first sentence to see the gender.

I knew it would be a boy.

But a five-year-old?

For some people, hunting is a big part of their family life. Ok, big is an understatement.

I saw a number of ads here in TN that showed the candidate's devotion to family with their love of hunting. (A number included, at the point where the candidate walked across the screen with a gun, the bit about the sanctity of life.)

So that's what I thought when I saw the headline - this is a family steeped in hunting culture.

No, I don't know anyone who is, but I do remember that 30 days episode with the anti-gun woman living with gun-nuts. If that guy's son was handicapped, I could see him doing that.

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