Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"You got your racial slurs in my Sun-Gazette!" "You got your Sun-Gazette in my racial slurs!"

A real live letter to the editor:

Japan now controls the world automobile market!

The big 3 are no longer in control of pricing production,or distribution. Japan now controls the auto market.

And they are in a position to eliminate or control their only competition. They have plants for many years like the one fully-automated plant that Ford built in South America, but we can't because of union work rules that automation costs jobs and politicians support the unions along with their suppliers unions.

Some of their parts suppliers are located in Third World countries where the workers work for as little as $600 a year.

We cannot compete with that and our unions will not allow us to buy from outside the US from low cost suppliers.

Now the Japs want to control wages in the poor old USA. And they will, with the help of our "brain dead" unions, politicians and CEOs.

It's too late for a bailout !

Howard Casselberry
Lock Haven


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