Saturday, January 03, 2009

American Football has dumb rules

So the ninth inning ends in a tie. Do we go into extra innings? Yeah, but which team is up first is decided by a coin toss. And if that team is able to score, it's the end of the ballgame--the other team doesn't even get a chance.

Oh, you say that's an idiotic idea that would never be used because it's unfair and makes no damn sense? Well, it bloody well is, only not in MLB but rather the NFL (yet another way that Canada is better than us!). And, in what I can only assume is a form of Stockholm Syndrome, the announcers all go to great lengths to defend it. I mean, I can see why the stupidity of the electoral college will never be changed; that's just the fate of the nation we're talking about. But this is football! It's important! The announcers claimed that Tony Dungy is in favor of the system; perhaps he'll have changed his tune after arbitrarily losing to the Chargers.


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