Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things that make us angry

John Fuckin' Sunununununununununu (okay, I think that joke's about dead) was on The Daily Show tonight, talking oh-so-piously about fiscal restraint, and how this stimulus is BAD BAD BAD because we can't saddle Our Children with this terrible, terrible debt (always The Figure of the Child, right?). Stewart pushed him pretty well on this, but not far enough, so:

Will the stimulus actually help anything? I don't know. Economics bores and frightens me. But that's not the point. The point is: you can spend over a trillion dollars on a hugeass fucking pointless war--you can slash the shit out of the taxes for the richest motherfuckers in the country--and that's JUST FUCKING GREAT. You won't hear a PEEP out of John fuckin' Sununu! But what's this--now, having sown the wind, we're reaping the fuckin' whilrwind, and OH NO! FISCALRESTRAINTFISCALRESTRAINTFISCALRESTRAINT! WHAT A COINCIDENCE that the only time we need "fiscal restraint" is when it comes to helping people who aren't the richass motherfuckers who own the republican party! Killing random A-rabs? Grrrreat! Making sure billionaires don't have to skimp on the ermine carpeting for their fleet of private jets? Indispensable! But helping POOR people? "Oh, think of Our Children, saddled with this Terrible Burden!" Seriously, is ANYBODY still stupid enough to believe that you really MEAN this "fiscal restraint" bullshit? That you're not just empathically stunted motherfuckers who mouth empty pieties because actually letting out a full-throated "fuck the poor!" might be politically problematic? GOOD GOD do I wish the Second Coming would happen sooner rather than later just so I could see the looks on your stupid, ugly faces when Jesus gives you the emphatic "I never knew you" that you so richly deserve. Fuck you all.


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