Monday, April 13, 2009

Hooray for defeating Somali pirates!

Seriously, as you may have divined, I'm not much of a rah-rah-USA type of guy, but in this case I will say, rah rah USA. I'll tell you, I was really feeling for that captain, and I am damn glad that he made it out safely.

UPDATE: Check out all the rightbloggers going "BLARGH RESCUING PEOPLE FROM PIRATES PROVES OBAMA=TEH SUXX0RZ!!!!111eleventybillionone" Truly a sight to see.

UPDATE II: Man, Somali pirates are assholes. I am not normally a violent person, but in this particular case, I think it's imperative that some people get their shit fucked up.

UPDATE III: The more I think about it, the more I realize that UPDATE II represents exactly the kind of unhelpful attitude that is just going to spawn more violence. I mean, yes, we need to do what we can to rescue people who've been captured, but think about it: you live in Somalia, a borderline anarchist state afflicted by mass grinding poverty. If the only way out of that appears to be via piracy, well...obviously it's not a good thing, but we can no more solve the problem by killing people than we can solve the problem of terrorism by killing individual terrorists. The real solution would be to work towards a functioning government for Somalia. Of course, that's a pretty massive proposition, but it's the only way, if one's goal is social justice. UPDATE II is pretty embarrassing to me now, but it shall stand, as an object lesson in how people can react without thinking.


Blogger :-| pontificated to the effect that... I live and breathe I knew there was something I liked about going proactive to solve a serious problem at hand. Watch for the fallout as every other teenage pirate wannabe heads out to challenge those frigates. Darwin was right I think, stupid pirates should watch out for frogmen taking potshots in their direction.

...the Right slant is truly a sight and closely reminded me to watch where I was stepping because well, shit was everywhere reminded me of the time at the Fillmore back in the day during a Robin Trower concert some drunk hippie chick threw up a pint of 151 along with what ever else and people were sitting in it in the dark on the floor during this show. When they all realized what they were doing at some point, it was too late. I watched all this standing not 3 feet away from the chick that puked and I managed to not sit down the whole time. It was nasty and the drunk hippie chick just wandered away soaked in rum puke.
blargh? what the fuck's up with that? Is this a great country or what?

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