Friday, April 24, 2009

Republicans are hilarious

It's not just that they are under the misimpression that they still have power; it's how they apparently feel that there's still political capital in acting all petulant and arrogant about it.

"GOP: Sibelius Must Answer Abortion Questions". Oh she must, must she? You mean because you say so? And we're supposed to care about what you think...why, exactly?

"Significant questions remain about Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' evolving relationship with a late-term abortion doctor as well as about her position on the practice of late-term abortions," Steele said in a statement. "If Gov. Sebelius and the Obama administration are unwilling to answer these questions, President Obama should withdraw her nomination."

Uh huh. What Chairman Steele seems to be forgetting is that the Democrats are the ebil, pro-killing-angel-fetuses party; hence, his "significant questions" mean jack-all to us, and it's appallingly funny that you don't realize that your very important concerns have suddenly become irrelevant. Get used to it. We had to for eight years.

Hard not to feel sorry for these hapless schmoes (okay, not THAT hard): the black, Kenyan, islamofascomarxocommusocialist President is still super-popular, and their efforts to discredit him by shrieking "SOCIALISM!!!" at his slightest move are just making people think socialism is a good thing (sure, they may not really understand what the word means--but then, the 'pubs sure as fuck don't either, so that evens out nicely). Their much-ballyhooed tea parties, which were going to somehow tip the balance back in their favor by showing the righteous rage of the non-silent non-majority, just made them into even greater laughingstocks.

Right after whatsisface, the former president, was reelected (or something), one of my classmates at the time--a conservative type (actually a very nice guy under most circumstances, but at this point, I kinda wanted to punch him in the throat)--was getting intolerably smug about the results. I said something, more out of bluster than any real conviction, about how, he was gonna see--in just a few years, the Republican Party would be nothing more than a regional power in Utah. He laughed that off--well who's laughing now, Dave? WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!?

Oh well. They will no doubt be able to stay relevant with awesome legislation to change the name of the Democratic Party to the Stupid Jerk Party For Losers. Good luck with that! It'll remind everyone of what it was like when The Adults were in charge.

(obligatory disclaimer: no, the Democrats aren't perfect, duh. But this is fun.)


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