Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Update to below

Geoffrey Blum: Very nice, apparently both flattered and a little surprised that someone--let alone an American--would be sufficiently familiar with his writing to notice something like this. Not, however, inclined to make a big fuss over this--which is perfectly understandable, when you think about it in the larger scale of things. It would be an awful lot of trouble to defend intellectual property which very few people are ever going to see, and when you consider the stress involved, especially given that it would wreck whatever professional relationship he has with Andrae--well, you can see why it wouldn't seem worth it. Still bothers me, however, because seriously, dude, what the fuck? That's just not cool. At all. I suppose I'll still read the book, but my opinion of it and of Andrae is permanently tainted, so when writing, I'll try to credit him as little as possible.


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