Tuesday, June 02, 2009


This. I've been pretty consistently enraged these past few days, looking at the moronic fucking responses to the Tiller murder. All these dimwitted, christfucking troglodytes (yeah, Tucker Carlson, you bowtie-wearing jackass, and Bill O'Reilly, you loathsome pile of excrement, I'm looking at you guys) talking about how, yeah, the murder wasn't a good thing, but what a horrible, horrible person he was. No, you fucking epsilon-minus semi-morons, he was a hero who helped untold numbers of women through the most agonizing decisions they were ever forced to make, in spite of constant harassment, threats of physical violence, and ultimate fulfillment of those threats by you and yours. If you had even the slightest bit of empathy or Christ-nature you might at least dimly be able to see that, but no--you're antichrists (in the Biblical sense, not the Left Behind sense, obviously) with the emotional intelligence (the regular intelligence, also--you being the same people, remember, who thought Terry Schiavo might spring up any second and start dancing a lively gavotte) of slow-witted four-year-olds. You disgust me more than I can put into words.

So anyway, I've been feeling pretty down about what a diseased culture we live in, where such evil (and I mean that word with all its theological weight) thinking is prevalent. But I feel a little better when I see that there are heroic people out there who'll keep fighting the good fight. I choose, perhaps naively, to believe that as long as such individuals are among us, the flame will never be extinguished.


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