Monday, June 08, 2009

Radha ramana hari govinda jaya jaya

Kula Shaker (for whom I know I've professed my affection before, but now I'm doing it again. You have problem?), of course, is the neo-psychedelic band with strong Indian flourishes that the British music press lionized for about four seconds in 1996 before deciding that they were a terrible, terrible band, not to mention terrible, terrible people, and savaging them with a level of cruelty and vindictiveness more often reserved for serial child rapists (seriously). This is an utterly predictable ritual of theirs that represents a deep-seated self-loathing on their part more than anything else; I think it mainly comes down to a sense of terror that anyone anywhere might think them somehow uncool. Business as usual, at any rate.

They were, naturally, right the first time; their second album was admittedly sort of a letdown, but their debut, K, remains an absolute delight--and that's true regardless of how cool or uncool I therefore am! Amazing but true! I only bring this up because this album is the obvious correct answer to the avclub's recent question. Surprised no one caught that. The opening salvo of "Hey Dude," "Knight on the Town," "Temple of Everlasting Light," and "Govinda," in particular, is unimpeachable.

And hey, they've regrouped? And they have a new album? Over a year ago? And I didn't notice? Baffling! Anyway, I look forward to checking it out (the NME thinks it's worse than the Ebola Virus, which is surely a good sign).

This post has no real point, other than to note that this band rocks, dude. I'm done.


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