Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Sun-Gazette letters page never disappoints.

I wander if President Obama knows if he has an office in Washington. The way he has been traveling the world and bowing to a king, shaking hands with Chavez, telling Castro what a great leader he is and all the rest of the Middle East countries how great they are doing, all that does is make the U.S. look weak. Obama campaigned on a platform of change; now we know what change he was talking about, giving the U.S.A. away. Obama wants to be a dictator and he has a very good start. Who is going to liberate the U.S. from dictator Obama?

David W. Frye

I know this sounds undemocratic, but gosh. We live in a country where people like this can vote. Really incredibly, unambiguously stupid people. How is it possible that this is an even remotely tenable system? Would it be so much to ask for there to be a very basic critical thinking skills test to qualify for suffrage? Okay okay; I know there are all sorts of problems making that a very bad idea, and wingnuts would quickly figure out how to game the system anyway, but at least that way they couldn't play dumb--we would know they were arguing in bad faith, instead of charitably imagining that they might be dumber than a worm-infested stump--as I am about ol' David here.

You do know, David W. Frye, that letters like yours help Evil Dictator Obama? Because there's plenty of space to criticize the man from the left, but when the most visible critics are completely batshit right-wingers, it creates the impression that he is indeed a man of the left, and that's what people want these days.

I apologize for the above; I realize that that level of cognition just hurts your brain and makes you want to break stuff. It just seemed somehow ethically wrong to let you keep gleefully blasting shell after shell into your foot without making some token effort to get you to stop.


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