Monday, January 11, 2010

Psychotic raving in the paper

Insert your own "[sic]"s as needed.

Have you seen him? As of this writing, he is Nigerian man who is alleged to have tried to blow up an aircraft in the air. And he is smiling in the picture I saw. He is alleged because the people who are still alive, stopped him from doing it. Now, bring in the lawyers.

First, did they read him his rights? Our president has given killers we call terrorists a new designation. "Citizen of the World". A takeoff on the slogan "Workers of the world unite". Under this title, everybody has access to the Bill of Rights our Founders gave us but only if you try to allegedly harm U.S. citizens. And, while our soldiers and Marines need to be ID'd by DNA when they are "rescued," our new citizens of the world are given every trapping of decadent American society, plus The Koran, prayer blanket, ethnic food, ect.

Second, is he comfortable? Our President wants to make sure all the other countries like us, so we don't want to cause our new Citizens any discomfort.

Third, will there be charges against the people who injured him? Since we are now court-marshalling our military for injuring people they capture, I'm sure we can press charges on these evil and abusive people who only wanted to live. How selfish. Isn't that just like these greedy and polluting Americans to want everything?

Are we humiliated enough? This was the greatest country on the face of the earth until recently. What has happened? If you don't believe that statement, tell me of another country that has people flocking to it for freedom and opportunity. Show me where the refugees from the U.S. are! You can't!

Rome rotted from within and the people could do nothing. Our elected officials ignore us and do what's good for the party. Will we do nothing and repeat that mistake? We must make sure, peacefully, that the Romans mistake isn't repeated.

Gregory Weigle

It's no fucking joke, people: as I've said before, this country can never not suck as long as mental illnesses are treated as though they were legitimate political opinions.


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The Japanese have a saying, "An idiot won't learn until he's dead." I'm not suggesting people should be killed for being idiots (tempting though it may sometimes be), merely that their condition is incurable.

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