Monday, February 08, 2010

Marxist Advertising Executives?

There is of course a long tradition of people going "I ONLY WATCH THE SUPER BOWL FOR THE COMMERCIALS HO HO HO!" Yes! You're willingly and absolutely subservient to American consumerism! Ho ho ho, indeed. Such people were likely disappointed this year by a remarkably lackluster crop of ads. Let's just pass over in silence the commercial about babies' sex lives and the bizarrely anti-green green car piece. Someone could probably say something interesting about the fact that there seemed to be more unpleasant misogyny than usual, but for now I'll leave that to others.

Instead, let's take a moment to reflect on cheap beer commercials. I don't know if I'm only noticing this because I've been quite rapidly radicalized by a combination of my studies and our current nightmarish political situation, but the one featuring the house made of cans of Bud (Coors?) Lite struck me as a bit too...metaphorical...for comfort. Think: the house is made of consumer products. All the people are heedlessly ripping them out of the walls one by one. You don't have to be an engineer to see that if they keep doing this--and why would you expect them to stop?--the entire edifice is going to come crashing down, sooner rather than later, and kill all of them.

Even more obvious--so obvious I probably don't need to say anything about it--is the one where the people construct a human bridge for the beer truck to drive over. Either some Dangerous Subversives somehow found their way into some advertising agencies, or some Dangerous Subversives are kicking back and relaxing right about now, safe in the knowledge that the regular ol' cogs-in-the-machine are clueless enough to do their work for them.


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