Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh look, a Sarah Palin supporter

From the paper:

President Obama, everyone knows you graduated from Harvard, you are well educated and very smart,but you have no common sene.

You sorrounded your self with all the thugs you could find from the Chicago area,none of which ever run a business of any kind, now they are trying to run the country,GM, banks, insurance companies and anything they can get their hands on.

Please, President Obama, get some common sense and clean house, then hire people (and not your buddies) with an education and common sense. I don't care how much education anyone has ,you must have common sense.

David W. Frye

Traditionally, I have opposed literacy tests for voting, due to their being racist and undemocratic and all these things, but let's note several facts:

1. Mr. Frye is a white person (duly noting the not-so-veiled racism in his post).

2. Democracy doesn't seem to be working too well these days anyway.


In passing, we might note that this is yet another example of "it may not actually be true, but it's emotionally true, which makes it even truer"--it would certainly be amusing to ask Mr. Frye to pick out just which members of Obama's cabinet are "thugs...from the Chicago area," but it would also be beside the point.

More important, though, is that business about "common sense." I personally believe that it's just common sense that we shouldn't start wars of choice, let people die from lack of health care, let corporations purchase elections, and on and on and on. And yet...I'll go out on a limb that Mr. Frye does not believe that any of these positions are common sense at all. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that his number one (and very likely ONLY) common sense solution is "tax cuts." "Common sense" appears to have evolved to mean "simplistic ideas that strike me as true on a superficial, visceral level." I think it's safe to say that by this standard, any "common sense solution" on any issue more complex than "whether to come in out of the rain" is almost certainly fucking wrong.

And yet, this is the kind of thing that appeals to people, in spite and because of its deep stupidity. It's why Mooselady resonates with some. Really, although it can be fun to mock her, on a deeper level it's just horribly dispiriting--as horrible as our previous president was, you can sort of imagine how, if he had just been your nutty right-wing neighbor, you could have gotten along with him well enough as long as politics didn't come up. It's impossible to imagine that with Moosey--she's just a mean, dumb, narcissist. I feel like the contrast between her superficial physical attractiveness and her profound, soul-deep ugliness is almost too heavy-handed to be effective as irony. Who's writing this thing, anyway?


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