Saturday, March 20, 2010

Duck Comics: "Wailing Whalers"

Featuring a lengthy discursis on the ultra-obscure Moby Duck. No matter what you've seen before, NOTHING can prepare you for a mind-shattering episode that will change everything you think you know about Duck Comics Revue--next, on blogspot!


Blogger Kaitlyn pontificated to the effect that...

I should have asked when you started, but where are you getting your duck comics?

I love them, I found a bunch at a thrift/junk/antique store and I love to read them over and over.

So ebay or just a lucky find? Or are you so old and decrepit that their yours? :P

11:54 PM  
Blogger GeoX, one of the GeoX boys. pontificated to the effect that...

Hey, glad you're fan!

I was first exposed to them when a child via my dad's old collection. Unfortunately, those got beaten up pretty badly by us kids (not to cast aspersions, but it was mostly my brothers, if you want to know the truth).

However, these days I nonetheless have a fairly extensive personal collection, made up mostly, as you can see, of issues from the previous two publishers, Gladstone and Gemstone. They're technically out-of-print, but most of them can be found pretty easily for sale, usually not very expensively, online.

For the images I use in my writeups, however, I just search the internet. Many (most?) of these have been scanned and put online by helpful people. Legally questionable, sure, but fuck, no one could possibly accuse me in good faith of not supporting Disney comics (such as they are these days) with my wallet.

12:58 AM  

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