Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An actual letter from Uncle Scrooge #272

Dear Sir,

It is with sadness that I write this letter to you. I have for years loved and respected the work of The Walt Disney Company. I am returning this Uncle Scrooge comic book (#267) because I am extremely disappointed with the story "The Money Ocean," part two. It had blatant references to evil, spells witches, and evil power. There are enough good, uplifting adventures stories to write about rather than indoctrinating children into Satanism.

Please discontinue publishing stories of this nature. They are more harmful to children than you could ever realize.

Thank you for your attention and action in this matter.

Marlys Kjerlland
Park River, ND

PS. As a registered nurse and a mother, I am deeply concerned for the emotional health of our next generation. This is a significant and serious matter.

My favorite part is that first clause in the P.S. "As a licensed ornithologist, I am deeply concerned about plate tectonics."

Anyway, I'll just note that the story in question, by Marco Rota, is actually pretty fantastic (I'll write about it one of these days); alas, I don't recall it being any more "satanic" than any other Magica story. Hard to see how Ms. Kjerlland could actually have been a fan "for years" without encountering the character. "Oh," you say, "but she didn't claim to have been a fan of Disney comics for years; just 'the work of The Walt Disney Company.'" Fair enough, I guess, but given that the company's first ever film featured all of these objectionable elements--as did many subsequent (REALLY, how many little kids read Disney comics compared to the number who watch Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or The Little Mermaid over and over and over?)--we're still dealing with one serious case of myopia here.

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