Friday, April 16, 2010

A one, and then three zeroes.

Yup--amazingly enough, or not, this is this blog's one thousandth post. It's been 1,950 days since I first posted--December 14, 2004--so that's just slightly over one post every other day. Odd, given that there have been longish stretches when I haven't posted anything.

I am generally content with the blog's direction--it's interesting (though probably only to me) to look back through the archive and see how my blogging interests have changed. At the beginning, it mainly consisted of eruptions of rage at one political outrage or another--often without actually referring to said outrage in any explicit way besides providing a link. And since many of those links are dead now, the source of my anger has become an abiding mystery! Whee! These days, I'll still engage in ranting occasionally, but generally, like Elvis Costello, I used to be disgusted, but now I just try to be amused. Otherwise, the constant stream of right-wing mendacity would just drive me out of my mind.

Also, I went through a somewhat obsessive Mallard Fillmore phase. These days, I get my USDA of MF hate at Duck and Cover.

Of course, there are a lot of older posts that are kind of embarrassing to me in retrospect (nope--not gonna say which ones), but what the hell--it's a chronicle of my cognitive development, I suppose. Much like my amazon reviews. But these days, as you may or may not have noticed, I'm trying to make most of my posting a bit more substantial. Also, I'm quite happy with my duck blog. I have confirmed that Don Rosa is a reader, I'll have you know. Does Don Rosa read YOUR blog? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Also, about that cult I'm planning--I now have a total of eight followers, five for inchoatia and three for the duck comics, with no overlap. You people were wise to get in on the ground floor. So much so, in fact, that as soon as this thing gets off the ground, I'm going to promote you all to the rank of Boramander. No objections--we need strong, loyal followers like you in positions of authority. But for the time being, carry on.


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