Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Land of the Free Update

Ever smoke pot? Even a little? Or just live with someone who does, for that matter?

Well, then. In that case, you really have only yourself to blame when stormtroopers in riot gear smash their way into your house in the middle of the night and slaughter your pets in front of your terrified children, don't you? America: love it or leave it.

UPDATE: Pynchon knew the score back in 1990:

Most of Brock's troops had departed after terrorizing the neighborhood for weeks, running up and down the dirt lanes in formation chanting "War-on-drugs! War-on-Drugs!" strip-searching folks in public, killing dogs, rabbits, cats, and chickens, pouring herbicide down wells that couldn't remotely be used to irrigate dope crops, and acting, indeed, as several neighbors observed, as if they had invaded some land far away, instead of a short plane ride from San Francisco.

And you thought this was hyperbole. Oh ha ha. Ha ha ha.


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