Thursday, July 29, 2010

Upton Sinclair does NOT approve of your hot girl-on-girl action, he will tell you that much.

We have seen during the last ten years an endless procession of plays on Broadway, illustrating the methods of committing every conceivable crime; . . . we have become intimately acquainted with parricide, incest, and sadism, and the whole index of "Psychopathia Sexualis." There is nothing left but the rarer and more obscure forms of abnormality; and so this winter we see the sensational success of three plays dealing with "Lesbian love," and drama courses in young ladies' finishing schools in New York now include an explanation of what this is and how it works [CITATION NEEDED], and it really has high cultural value, being history and psychology and aesthetics as well as drama, and the very latest thing--yes, old dear, they say it was a Russian ambassador's daughter who made it fashionable in this country, and taught it to the daughter of a president, and he had to marry her off in a hurry.
--Money Writes!

One is reminded ineluctably of this.


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