Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The increasing incoherence of homobigotry

Scott at World o' Crap subjects a column by some dimwitted woman named Nancy Pearcey at World Net Daily to some intense mockery.

Now obviously, you can't expect WND columnists not to be batshit-crazy assholes, but what strikes me about this column is that the author is that the author is trying to construct an actual, coherent argument against gay marriage, and that argument is as follows:

Proposition: Gender dysphoria is a lie, and people whose minds and bodies are out of sync--and people who support those people--are sinning against God.

Conclusion: Gay marriage is wrong.

Nope--I didn't leave out a step. That's the complete argument. Never mind for a moment the fact that the proposition is both false and deeply, cruelly inhuman--even if we can imagine a world in which it is completely true, there is no logical way to get from point A to point B. The only possible connection is "grr! Punish!" but that rather flies in the face of the alleged "logic" involved in the argument.

Now you say, yeah, but that's kind of missing the point; of course the argument doesn't make sense. "Arguments" against gay marriage never make sense, because they absolutely, invariably, one hundred percent of the time boil down to people grasping for a rational way to justify to the world at large their completely irrational prejudices. And that's true, of course, but the fact remains that people like Nancy feel the need to make these ever-more desperate, flailing attempts to defend an untenable position, which shows, I think, the extent to which they know, even if they'd never admit it to themselves, that their beloved legal discrimination is, if not in the short term then certainly in the medium term, a lost cause. And we're not just talking about fringe figure, either--witness Ross Douchehat in the formerly-respectably New York Times, and yes that's an incredibly juvenile play on his name, but he's a deeply horrible person who richly deserves to have his desired perception of gravitas violently deflated at every opportunity.


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