Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Love wins out, for now.

I hope that my overwhelming cynicism about politics doesn't mean I'm not allowed to feel pretty good about California's "we hate fags" law getting slapped down (for the time being). Here is a song that I saw on Balloon Juice (yep, Balloon Juice again--apparently, I don't have an original thought in my head). Not normally my kind of music, but it's very moving:

I would point out that there is absolutely NO way that Team Homobigot could ever make an equivalently powerful song arguing against gay marriage, because--well, it's obvious, isn't it? You can TRY to make hatred look like love if you must (hence, the organization whose name I'm co-opting in this post's title), but--well, I'll believe it when I see it.

The response you would get to this song from such a person would no doubt be along the lines of "yeah, maybe it makes gay marriage SOUND harmless or even, pft, positive, but that's just because you libruls allow yourselves to be led around by your emotions, whereas us highly analytic conservatives, driven only by pure logic, can see that, regardless of what some folksinger says, gay marriage will destroy society; plus, two dudes getting it on is totally mega yuck-barf to the max."

Maybe there's hope, though. Youtube comments: pretty much the worst discourse community on the internet, or possibly in the world, right? Yeah, generally, but there are no dickish comments on this song, and here's one that really stands out:

Im not sure what to make of this song.i didnt cry and dont think gay marriage is´╗┐ acceptable.but the way this woman sings about it makes me change my outlook completely.

So there you go. Not everyone is operating from pure, unfiltered hatred. Conceivably, if we last that long, someday almost no one will be. Holy shit, I can't believe how optimistic that sounded. Note that "conceivably" is not necessarily intended to indicate a huge amount of faith in this. But wouldn't it be nice to think so?


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