Monday, August 23, 2010

This is the kind of sanctimony that I, as a vegetarian, am allowed to display.

My favorite part was when she subsequently caught the lobster and boiled it alive. ROTFLMAO! It's just a laff-a-minute with ol' Lois, isn't it?

I really do always feel more than a little nauseated when I pass the lobster tank at the supermarket. I harbor fantasies of staging some sort of commando raid and freeing them, and were I a genuine revolutionary rather than just a champagne socialist, I would put these plans into action (even if what exactly I'd do with them, living in a landlocked state, is very much open to question).


Blogger Kaitlyn pontificated to the effect that...

Pamper them like Homer did, of course.

Just no hot baths!!!

4:17 AM  

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