Saturday, October 09, 2010

In lighter news...

This li'l feller somehow got into my apartment and was apparently just sort of chilling in my back room. Several times yesterday morning, I was awoken by his--or her!--crashing around my bedroom, looking for god knows what--my room is a bit messy, yes, but it contains nothing that could remotely be construed as food. Chipmunks are cute, yes, but the brown blur dashing out of the room when I woke up and started moving around was undeniably a little nonplussing. Anyway, he or she somehow managed to transport several carrots out of the cage without setting off the trap, but eventually, I got him (look, I'm just going to say "him," okay? This is silly) and released him into outside into the undergrowth, where I presume he will live a happier life than he was indoors. Well, unless he gets eaten by a hawk or something, but nature-red-in-tooth-and-claw really isn't my responsibility. Godspeed little guy.


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