Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fuck the Steelers and all of their works

I just can't bring myself to not hate a team on which the starting quarterback is a serial rapist. I dunno; I guess rape just bothers me more than it does most people. What can I say?

Yeah, okay, that was a dickish--and extremely passive-aggressive!--thing to say, but wow. Wow wow wow, do I ever hate that Röthlissburger motherfucker. Look, professional sports is what it is and you could almost certainly find awful people on any team you can name, but having as your most important player this obnoxious, grotesquely over-entitled fratboy who--in case you somehow forgot--rapes women--that's just above and beyond, especially for a team that constantly gets lauded for its "integrity." Sorry, guys, but you either have integrity or you don't, and if you're capable of selectively turning it on and off depending on whether it helps you win super bowls, it's pretty clear that you don't (note also that the Roonies are apologists for domestic violence).

Meh. I am so fucking disgusted right now.

UPDATE: But seriously, now, imagine if the Steelers had actually gotten rid of Harrison and Rawthlisburgrr when they revealed themselves to be the kind of people they are. I'd've been all like, holy SHIT, you totally went with principle regardless of the consequences! There's no denying it: you've got a metric fuckton of integrity! I admire the hell out of you and will root for you in all non-Eagles situations. Would've been genuinely inspiring. But noooooo...


Anonymous Anonymous pontificated to the effect that...

Yes, I have to say I'm a bit disgusted with SI for doing that cover piece awhile back about what a horrible person Roethlisburger is and how 'dude, this is so tragic that Pittsburgh's godlike sports integrity has been tarnished and how the fans have been betrayed' when they were even forced to admit in the SAME article that 'of course we all know that none of the team or the fans will care about this if they keep winning, but this still somehow fits our thesis that Pittsburgh fans are great and this is a tragedy for them.' --Jeremy

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