Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Perhaps the most moronic advertising campaign ever?

Look, obviously there are more important things to be concerned about, but I just can't help but be filled with rage whenever I see one of these Dead Space 2 ads that appear, among other places, before Onion videos these days. The idea is that they got people who are the mothers of other people in a focus group. They all--or at least the ones shown in the ads--hated the game, I'm guessing because it's an incredibly vile game. No gameplay or any hint as to what the game is like is shown. Seriously, that's all there is to it: your mother would disapprove of this game; therefore, buy it. I just can't stop fantasizing about Sabin using his "pummel" ability on whatever smug, self-satisfied advertising-executive fuckasses thought was a good idea for a campaign. How insulting is it that these grade-A douchebags sat in a room somewhere and thought dur if kids think their mom hates it they know they'll LOVE it! We are SO CLEVER! Now let's break for hookers and cocaine!? Insulting on a truly epic scale, is how insulting.

One wonders about the legal ramifications of marketing an M-rated game specifically to twelve-year-olds. One might also wonder about the ethical implications, but phtt, "ethics," what to the ev, man.

But hey, maybe they really aren't underestimating their target audience--maybe they really are that dumb, and the ad will help the game to sell six zillion copies! In which case, hey, the market (the only thing that matters, of course) has spoken, and it has said that smug, self-satisfied advertising-executive fuckassery is the wayttabe! Yay capitalism!

But honestly, I wish the jackasses responsible for these ads would comment on this blog post, so I could call them vile names personally. Seriously, assholes. You're making the world a worse place. This always what you wanted to do when you grew up, is it?


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