Saturday, March 12, 2011

A bit hard to laugh at this Chick tract

This is really all you need to know:

...I mean, yes, it's hard not to find that a little funny on first reading (worse than a lesbian?!? The mind reels!), but Fucking Christ, Jack, it's 2011. This is just embarrassing, like an old neo-confederate ranting about miscegenation.

Note also that the cited article (which, of course, the reader isn't actually supposed to check, since the answer is "yes, but rarely, and usually for reasons other than having sex with women"--seriously, distaff-gender people, if all you want to do is play the odds, this is definitely the way to go) is by a lesbian activist who probably doesn't appreciate having her work used by moronic fucking troglodytes like the jackoffs at ChickCo. Grrr.


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