Saturday, March 05, 2011

Don't wanna touch you but you're under my skin

Look, we all know what sociopaths they are. It's kind of pointless to belabor the point. But for the record: republicans are pro-poisoning--slashing the budget for poison control centers from twenty-nine to two million. It may not put any sort of meaningful dent in the deficit--it will probably in fact cost money in the long run. But, you know--sometimes the sight of four-year-olds who got into the medicine cabinet writhing around in agony and dying right there on the carpet is just its own reward, you know? Certainly for the lawmakers who constantly jerk off while writhing around in giant piles of money with exactly that fantasy in their head.

To give republicans the benefit of the doubt, why would anyone possibly give republicans the benefit of the doubt? They consistently do the worst things in the world. Who cares about their motives? Sure, maybe they're motivated more by the deep-seated conviction that money is more important than people and that therefore the budget must be slashed at all costs (regardless of whether it actually saves anything in the long run)--but are you really telling me you think that's less depraved than the poisoned-children fetish? If anything, my version is actually treating them with undue respect.


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