Sunday, March 27, 2011

My fantastic dreams: part something in a series of something

I was in some library, and I passed by some guy who was watching, on a computer screen, some fox-news-type blonde whining about racism against white people (one component of which being, I believe, that we're not "allowed" to say "nigger"). For some reason, I knew he was watching this not because he agreed with it, but just to see the latest right-wing outrage. I shouted "fuck--us poor white people!" and went on wherever I was going. But alas, a librarian--an older woman--came up to throw me out for saying "fuck;" I was also given to understand that I might be required to participate in future sting operations to catch other people who use Bad Language. She was not impressed that I was a grad student. So I started bellowing profanity, even though I knew I was just making it worse for myself, and made my departure.


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