Friday, April 15, 2011

Hey guys, Let's Play NES Jeopardy!

So you're familiar with the concept of a "Let's Play," are you not? Where you record yourself playing a videogame of some sort and provide commentary that may or may not be incisive. Yeah, well, that's what this is. With Jeopardy! For the NES! I'd sort of thinking it would be fun to do something like this for a while, but I was held back for two reasons. First, because I thought I'd have to get special equipment of some sort, but this turns out not to have been the case; my computer has everything necessary build-in. Sure, the sound quality could be better, but it's certainly adequate. And second, because I kind of suck at most videogames except some RPGs, and they aren't really very appropriate for the format. But then I realized, hey, game show ports exist! And some of them are fun! So, long story short, I recorded this and after not insignificant levels of wrangling, I cut it into three pieces and put it on the internet, and that is about that.

Whether you enjoy it or not depends on how much tolerance you have for my insane babbling, I suppose, but I found it very edifying to record, so I'll do some more in the future--for other versions of Jeopardy, for other game shows, and hey, maybe even some non-game-show content.

Let's Play NES Jeopardy!


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