Monday, May 09, 2011

The Progression of the Argument

01. I did better than D work.

02. I need higher than a D to graduate.

03. I emailed you with EXCUSES on two out of the eleven times I was absent.

04. Tell me the dates I was absent.

05. I was NOT absent on all of those days!

06. Those absences shouldn't count against me.

07. For some of those days, I wasn't absent; I was just very, very late!

08. If I could've earned a C- by regularly attending class, then that's the grade I should GET!

09. My first paper was only a page and a half long because, as a business major, I'm only used to writing one-page memos; therefore, that F was unfair.

10. I can't control when I have car troubles!

11. I REALLY need to graduate!

12. To be honest, I was only half paying attention, because my other classes were more important.

13. Maybe if I'd KNOWN getting to class twenty minutes late would count against me, it wouldn't have HAPPENED over and over and over!

The long, tedious saga continues...


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