Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yay New York

I tend to be a little cynical about certain things, as you may have noticed; I cannot help but feel on some level that, as society is collapsing around us in all sorts of ways, gay marriage A. is such an inevitability, ultimately; and B. so totally fails to concretely address any of the problems that are going to make the world much, much worse in coming years; that it's not worth getting that excited about. But fuckin' eh, so many of our problems stem from us being utter horrible, hateful assholes to one another that I'm not gonna claim not to feel a certain frisson of excitement at anything that brings a little more love and happiness into the world, even if it's just nibbling at the margins. And, obviously, it's not really fair or, indeed, non-offensive for a lame straight guy like me to be dismissing major civil rights gains for people who are not me. So congrats, New York. And suck it, California--you need to get your act together.


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