Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Ending

So anyway, after defeating the evil monsters, they lived happily ever after. I am not even joking. You probably think I mean "they lived long, happy lives together" but "long" simply doesn't cover it. They lived forever. Eternally. The world changed, and sometimes it got worse, but they always got through it okay, and anyway, mostly it got better; all the bad climate-change things we were expecting were averted, because we got rid of all the republicans and other corporation-beholden creatures and elected sane people who totally fixed the environment and also fixed all income inequality and other social injustice and it was really great and it stayed like that forever. It was totally awesome and they never were any less in love and they never experienced the ravages of age or anything. I know it's hard for you to imagine, but that's how it happened. Sometimes they went to sweet amusement parks and went on badass roller coasters. Sometimes they went to nature preserves and checked out the cool animals. One time, they got to see a baby rhinoceros. In the wild. The mother saw them, but she didn't attack them. The baby came right up to them to check them out. It was super-cute. Anyway, things like that just kept on happening and as I say, they went on forever, and if you're worried that eventually the Sun would go supernova and wipe out all life on earth, and that even if they didn't die 'til then, that would get them, rest assured: that didn't happen. Although sometimes they would get in a sweet spaceship and visit other worlds, which were also awesome places to live, and they saw all sorts of wondrous and sublime things. And you know what else didn't happen? The universe did not collapse into a singularity. Man, you should've been there. It was great.


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