Sunday, June 17, 2012

Duck Comics: "The Dragon's Amulet"

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Margaret Weis, Star of the Guardians

Right.  So when I was small, I read the first two Dragonlance trilogies, the Chronicles and Legends, by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.  I liked them, but for some insane reason, I assumed that what I really liked was the Dragonlance name rather than the specific writers, and I felt somehow obligated to read the jillions of others that had been published, even though ninety-eight percent of them at least were shit.  What I really should have done was check out Weis & Hickman's other, non-Dragonlance stuff.  When I finally did--starting with the seven-book Deathgate Cycle when I was in eighth grade--I was blown the fuck away.  I also loved the Rose of the Prophet trilogy, and the Darksword trilogy was pretty good.  I was slightly less keen on the idea of reading Weis's at-the-time-only solo outing, this here Star of the Guardians, because the whole space opera thing didn't really appeal to me all that much.  But eventually I did, and I liked it, more or less, I think, as far as I can remember.  Honestly, I don't think my impressions of it were all that strong.  But I recently felt this violent nostalgic urge to revisit this series that I barely remembered, so let's see how it holds up to my jaundiced eye, eh?
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