Thursday, June 27, 2013

Know your rights--all three of them

So you're a Republican, just walkin' around like it waren't no thang. Your party stands exclusively for horrible things, but you are somehow in a mental space in which this is not the case. Tribalism is a helluva drug. And yet. And yet and yet and yet. Maybe this is naive of me--definitely this is naive of me--but I can't help imagining that at least a few of you would look at the fact that your Team is cheering on the gutting of the Civil Rights Act--the Civil Rights Act--and think, holy shit--is that who I am?  What am I doing?  I'm outta here. Maybe not as much for older people, but it seems like for most of us, civil rights are really sacrosanct in our cultural mythology. Certainly, the GOP has been doing their best to eat around the edges for a long time, and its adherents have been cool with that--but this, striking at the heart of it, just seems to me to be such a stark illustration of who they are. I want to think that, for some, it would be a clarifying moment.

Or, you know, not. Keep taking the tablets, ladies and gents.