Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What happens when you try to read The Onion in Indonesia?

This happens:

I don't object to the ironic xenophobia on the basis that it's per se offensive, though I do object to it on the grounds that it's lazy and not funny; the Onion at its best is capable of being WAY more offensive and WAY more funny than this.  But really, that's neither here nor there.  What I really object to is the rather obvious way that they're using this weak-ass comedy to self-consciously try to deflect attention from the fact that, what the fuck, seriously, you want MONEY from me?  It's not even that the money itself would be a big deal (though that "$0.99 for the first month" does look ominous); it's that I do not like that they are attempting to gull me in such a clumsy, unsubtle way (and that "help" button doesn't clarify anything; it just goes to a generic online-publication-login site that the Onion is using).  If you want me to pay money, please provide an explanation of why you think this is reasonable.  There is a very high chance that I will respond by saying, no, fuck you, that's bullshit, but at least I won't resent you and refuse to subscribe in principle, the way I do now.


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