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Ooh, fun.  It looks like it should be a question in The Onion's "what do you think," but I'll give it a try.  I think they are most likely slanted fariously: sometimes ne-, sometimes multi-, and sometimes some delightful combination of the two.  Well?  Am I right?  What do I win?

Speaking of Rome's pagan dogmas, although it took me a while to come round (and really, who can blame me, given the church's history?), I have to admit that ol' Pope Fran seems pretty cool.  The only problem is that he's just one guy, and when it comes time to replace him, you can be sure the regressive Vatican power structure is gonna do their godamnedest to avoid making THAT mistake again.


Blogger Pan MiluĊ› pontificated to the effect that...

Speaking as one of Pope Francis
groupies (No joke, I actually already sing up to be Polish-English translator/guide for young pilgrims during his visit in Poland next year) :

Call me very, very (...) very, VERY naive but I honestly believe that even most corrupt Vatican's black sheeps are aware of the grand impact the current Pope had made.

The media switch from "How many kids the priests molested this week" to "Everybody loves Francis", many people who left the church are now turning back, Young people find the Pope cool again, number of priest and nuns is raising, left-wing people started thumbing up us, the satirical drawings in the newspaper and street art aren't showing greedy fat guys in black but a nice humble man in white and the "Doesn't Pope look like the villain from Star Wars" meme got replace by "Francis hugs deform man in the crowd" one.

Heck! I have plenty of friends who are atheist, agnostic or just non-christian who started coming out to me just to talk how much they love the guy. It went from "How dare you to support this religion" to "I have nothing but nice things to say about that man, If I believed in God I would be his follower with you".

It's like a freaking renaissance of positive press for us (and the best part is that he isn't saying anything new as much ACTUALLY focusing on Jesus teachings)

I think archbishops are aware that this Pope and his approach was our saving grace no pun intended) and if the next pope won't as half as humble, smiley and "Screw the politics, let's talk how to help the poor" we can expect some serious backlash.

So yhe, call me naive but I strongly believe this new direction will stick with our church for a long, long time...but I'll shall pray for it just in case ;)


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