Friday, November 20, 2015

Georges Perec, Life A User's Manual (1978)

1978? Well, not really. It's true that a French novel called La Vie mode d'emploi was published in that year, but David Belloc's English translation wasn't released until 1987. On the one hand, collapsing the original book and its translation into one seems sloppy, but on the other hand, it seems kind of insufferably pedantic for me to provide all the publication details. I mean, I would if this were a scholarly publication, obviously, but on a blog entry that will be read by maybe a half dozen people? Hmm.
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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

John Barth, The Floating Opera (1956) and The End of the Road (1958)

Here we have John Barth's first two novels, reprinted in one volume (with, it should be noted, several printing errors, including one page in the middle of The End of the Road that is simply missing). I read them. What more can I say?
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