Monday, April 13, 2020


You know, you may not like Biden, I don't like Biden, but I will say this: if you're thinking, I'm not going to vote for him! Democrats need to learn that they can't win if they keep nominating crappy candidates!--if you're thinking that...tell me, how's that going for you? If you made that calculation in 2016, were you hoping that the result of T**** getting elected would be Biden as the candidate in 2020? It seems unlikely!

So how is this supposed to work, exactly? It is that the Democratic Party will learn their lesson if they JUST lose one more time? Is it okay to allow Republican make sure that the seeds of fascism are thoroughly planted, that whatever vestiges of democracy we have left are good and gone--if we think that it will make the Democrats choose a leftier candidate? Do we, in fact, think having a leftier candidate, or any candidate, will mean anything if we just let democracy, however maddening and cruel and imperfect it often is, to finally die for good? Are you really making that calculation? Am I crazy here?

Thing is, we--humans--are not good at predicting the future. What will this country look like even five or ten years from now? We can't know. However, our predictions about the near future are bound to be somewhat less wrong than the ones about the far are, just because the further you get, the more the variables exponentially increase. We can say, with one hundred percent certainty, that a second T**** term would be a horrific shitshow like the country has never experienced. If we say, well, we need a bunch of failure to make the Democrats and/or the voters to wake up and start taking this shit seriously...well, maybe. But you're getting further and further into the future and these things are becoming more and more theoretical. And, honestly: people don't like facing this because it makes their principled, moral stances look questionable, but: a whole hell of a lot more people are going to suffer and die if T**** is re-"elected" than are if we elect Biden. This is just a fact. You know it's true. And given that, these sort of vague assumptions about things you can't possibly predict with any accuracy seem...kind of sociopathic.

Hey, maybe we're fucked whatever happens; like you, I don't know. But even though I'm sympathetic, more so than a lot of people, to the idea that you can't support Democrats if Democrats are going to persist in sucking...well, you sorta-kinda have to. If I DID have a magic ball and could predict with absolute certainty that a second T**** term would usher in a socialist utopia, would I be willing to countenance it? Well, I guess, but it's a meaningless hypothetical. Not much different than one of those ticking time bomb scenarios invented to justify torture.

On a positive note (am I really saying that?), I will say this: we may not like Biden, but at least under a Biden administration we would have a chance to argue for what we want. Sure, we'd be ignored a lot of the time, but we'd be in the room, which is more than we can say under T****. There would be at least potential opportunities to push our agenda forward. Eyes on the prize here, people.


Blogger Pan MiluĊ› pontificated to the effect that...

Our of curiosity - as it was pretty clear with Bernie - how much of your personal views do Biden relfects?

(I tried to figure out Biden by watching speachess and such but I have hard time of puting my finger on him)

7:32 PM  
Blogger GeoX, one of the GeoX boys. pontificated to the effect that...

I mean, it's almost meaningless to say that he represents me more than T****, because that would apply to any random slime mold just as well. But...well, he's very timid, let's say. He refuses to address serious issues in a serious my impression. He has a long history of being extremely bad on a large range of issues. And he has this delusional idea that he can work with Republicans in spite of them having made it extremely clear that they will never "work" with any Democrat ever, and if they did it would mean there was something wrong with whatever issue they were willing to work on.

But, I mean, in fairness, he IS a human being, which right there is a massive improvement over...whatever the hell T**** is.

1:49 PM  

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