Tuesday, May 31, 2022

That's why Greg Abbott says "hey man, nice shot"

But to be slightly serious for a moment: I wonder what Abbott would say if you asked him: do you think America failed these innocent victims?  To me or you or any non-psychopath, this question seems extremely easy: there are legitimate debates to be had over the degree to which government should get involved in day-to-day life, but at the bare minimum, a country has to be able to ensure that its people aren't constantly murdered.  We call countries that can't do that "failed states," and then everything else that they can and do do seems kind of trivial by comparison.  Yes, we've built a more-or-less functional interstate highway system, and that's impressive and everything, BUT WE CONSTANTLY LET PEOPLE BE RANDOMLY SLAUGHTERED.  Kind of overshadows your accomplishments.

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Thursday, May 26, 2022

A known fact

Bloodthirsty ghouls like Greg Abbot and Wayne Lapierre, Ron DeSantis, and Marjorie Taylor-Greene (if I'm misspelling her name, don't tell me; I'm not going to look it up and risk seeing a picture of her) love school shootings, the bigger the better. They blare "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang and pop champagne corks whenever a new one happens.  I can neither confirm nor deny that they're incapable of reaching orgasm without envisioning giant stacks of dead five-year-olds, but people are certainly saying as much.  Some people might say that's unfair, but those probably wouldn't be grieving parents.

Friday, May 20, 2022

William Beckford, Vathek, an Arabian Tale (1787)

I had really wanted to read this for a long time.  Seems like a fun bit of Orientalism, maybe.

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