Monday, October 16, 2023

Gotta say something

Or do I?  Definitely not.  I mean, I can't say anything original or penetrating, so why bother?  Well, for whatever reason, I will.

9/11 was indefensible. The attacks were cruel, savage, and barbaric, and to note that they're the result of years of poison foreign policy fruit isn't in any way to excuse or justify them. And yet, with our violently disproportionate response, we pissed away a good portion of the international sympathy we'd gained, and the violence that we inflicted on mostly innocent people was every bit as indefensible as the initial act, and much, much larger in scale. And so, we ensured that nothing would get in the way of the continuation of the cycle of violence.

Yes, well, I think you get the point. It amazes me--it shouldn't at this point, but it still does--how, beneath our veneer of civilization, we just desperately lust for any excuse to revert to our lizard brains. If we can't get past that, how is civilization ever going to advance, or indeed persist at all? If you want to be a Nobel laureate, all you've got to to do is solve this conundrum.


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